Staff Directory

Last Updated: 12/6/2021 10:10 PM

Central Office

Kelly Brown, Director of Special Programs

Keli Rutherford, School Psychologist

Terri Mathis, Special Education Secretary

Erin Elementary School

Stephanie McGriley, SPED Teacher

Sarah Martin, SPED Teacher

Rachael Welborn, Speech/Language Pathologist

Tennessee Ridge Elementary School

Wilma Warden, SPED Teacher

Jennifer Taylor, Speech/Language Teacher

Houston County Middle School

Alicia Parker, SPED Teacher

Denise Chadwick, SPED Teacher

Ken Andrews, SPED Teacher (split position)

Houston County High School

Tara Dowdy, SPED Teacher

Cherry Angelilli, SPED Teacher

Ken Andrews, SPED Teacher (split position)

Specialty Teachers

Teri Mitchum, Teacher of the Gifted

Transition School to Work (TSW)

Laura Meadow, Transition Coach

Tiffany Chauncey, Workplace Readiness Specialist